Dacia Dokker (YOC since 2012)

Construction Year: 
2012 -

By the way, you can rent this Dacia Dokker with our car canopy bed installed. (www.vancation.de). 

We have already designed, manufactured and installed several car canopy beds for the Dacia Dokker, so we can provide you with additional information.


Bed size

Width: 1.24 m (incl. 0.3 m bed extension)

Length: 1.95 m 


Car headline  - bed (standard):           0.49 m             Depth: 0.62 m

Floor - bed (standard):                        0.61 m             Depth: 0.48 m

End of bed – rear door:                       0.65 m

End of bed – rear window:                 0.71 m



Car canopy bed, total price: €1,245.00

Incl. standard bed extension and Gisatex mattress: €1,405.00

Optional equipment (see price list)


Special feature: 

For this car we designed a lower car canopy bed (bottom position of the heigth adjustment) with pneumatic springs (otherwise the crank mechanism would have been necessary for hight adjustment, but not in this case).