About us

Jens Buse
Haiko Lücke

When I was young, I had the vision to find an economic way to sleep comfortable in the car with reduced preparation and without any complicated modifications.
As a trained machinist, I began to create and figure out a constructive solution with such problems.

The already known, costly (and in my opinion often clumsy) vehicle modifications for camping mobil never convinced me.

My particular request is to maintain the unrestricted everyday suitability of the vehicle, to keep the costs as low as possible and also to create the best possible recreational vehicle in addition - to find an very elegant solution.

Also the car canopy bed began like many stories: The idea ... stay tuned ... and to find the first enthusiastic proponents, in the family and among friends ... thanks to all of you!
After several prototypes, the first car canopy bed became reality. It was still working with a slatted frame originated. My son is still using it.

I continue to create a good quality, that makes me happy and everyone else.
My entire family, customers and friends still using the car canopy bed with lot of enthusiasm.

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Your Jens Buse and Haiko Lücke