How it works

No drilling and no screws: simply hang it up and you are ready to go!

The bed is simply hooked into the cargo net fixings. If your vehicle is not equipped with such fixings, then we can provide an appropriate fixing kit against additional charge.

After removing the support straps, the car canopy bed is easily lowered down in one simple movement. Thanks to our space-saving design, you then have a fully made-up bed ready to sleep in.

Providing an all-round blackout effect, the curtains come as standard and are also fitted into the hooks in just a few moments. Whether you like it darker or lighter, with our curtains you can choose whichever way you like to sleep. Simply choose your preferred colour from our colour range.

Bed Size

The length and width of the bed depend on the interior measurements of your car and are individually adjusted.

Depending on the type of car, our beds vary in size from 0.95m to 1.15m in width and from 1.80m to 2.15m in length. Each bed is suitable for two people. As the bed hangs free once it is pulled down and the blackout material creates a den, the width and length of the bed you experience in reality is much bigger than the actual size of the bed. Should you wish to sleep with two people in the bed on a regular basis, we would recommend fitting bed extensions which will add 15cm on each side (€60.00 per piece).

Our beds have been tested to a maximum load of 250kg.

Standard Features of the Car Canopy Bed

·         Stable Multiplex carrier base; practically invisible due to grey marl carpet fitted to underside;

.         Folding mechanism

·         5cm thick special foam mattress;

·         pneumatic lifting system, stable support fixings and mountings;

·         all-round visibility protection thanks to blackout curtain material;

·         fitting service and training.

Sleep Even Better with Our Optional Extras

Fitting a breathable mattress pad made of genuine GISATEX Dryweave®10 material; a ventilation pad on the underside to prevent odours, moisture build-up and mould stains. The mattress pad is made of polyester with a lattice structure which dissipates any thermal energy build-up in the pad and airs the mattress padding from underneath. Additional charge: €80.00.

Interior opening mechanism for rear hatch. No additional charge.

Bed extensions, approx. 15cm each. Additional charge €60.00 each.

I would be very happy to discuss any of your requirements in person in order to devise an individual solution for your car canopy bed!

Fitting the bed and providing instructions on how to use a standard car canopy bed takes approx. one hour.

For any vehicles, for which we do not have a pre-manufactured bed available, fitting may take two to three days, as the individual parts have to be fitted especially.

In such an event, we are happy to provide you with a courtesy car and a guest apartment.