It is possible to fit a breathable mattress pad made of genuine GISATEX Dryweave®10.  This is a ventilation pad to prevent odours, moisture build-up and mould stains.

80,00 Euro

The blackout curtain material, as the name suggests, is used to keep the sleeping area dark, allowing a good sleep even when the sun is shining.


In order to increase ease-of-use, we offer a crank mechanism for lowering and raising the bed.


This mechanism allows you to fold away part of the bed base in the rear part of the interior:


To further increase your comfort while you are sleeping, we offer a bed extension for our beds. This creates an even larger area for sleeping and you can stretch out even more.

Breite: 15 cm pro Seite - regulär pro Stück 60,00 €

This optional extra allows you to lower the bed 13cm further down.

120,00 EUR