Sleeping Overnight in a Car

If you are the owner of an estate car or small van, you may have wished it possible at times to sleep in your vehicle easily and comfortably, on the spur of the moment, and without any fuss.

To feel free ... to be flexible … to reach your destination en route ...

The car canopy bed (in German: Auto-Himmelbett) is as ingenious as it is simple, and a cost-effective means to sleep two people in a car overnight – all without any major reconfiguration or annoying boot installations.

  • The car canopy bed is an almost invisible load strapped to the roof void inside the car. This location does not affect in any way the comfort of seating positions or the ease of loading.
  • When required, the fully made-up bed is lowered down from the roof in one simple movement. In this position, it can be swung right through to the front of the vehicle interior. There remains plenty of space in the boot between the end of the bed and the rear door (for a dog, a child or even the proverbial kitchen sink, or to get changed or to use the toilet at the camp site).
  • The bed is firmly secured using two metal straps. The vehicle chassis remains untouched. Thanks to the pneumatic lifting device, the bed is easily raised up and lowered down.
  • Depending on vehicle type, the comfortably upholstered bed is 100cm-125cm wide, and depending on size weighs between 24kg and 26kg. Maximum load when in use is 250kg.
  • As the car canopy bed hangs free on all sides when lowered down, with the blackout curtain material creating a flexible cave which also prevents any duvets, blankets and pillows etc. from falling off, the car canopy bed feels much like a comfy double bed.
  • Sleeping in a car has never been easier or more comfortable. 



In order to get an idea how the car canopy bed works and to understand the technology behind it, or just to find out how easy it is to operate it, we would like to invite you to a viewing, including appointment times at weekends. To make an appointment, please contact us either by email at, or by phone on +49 (0) 177-971 7965. Take a look for yourself how comfortable spending a night in the car can be.

Yours faithfully, Haiko Lücke