FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where may I park and sleep?

In principle, you are allowed to park anywhere and stay overnight in order to restore a vehicle to full working order. The bed is ideally suited for long distance travel – just pull off the motorway, park up, make up the bed and sleep!

I would like to have a bed in my car, but cannot find my vehicle make/model?

We have not been able to develop a bed for this type of vehicle yet. In principle we fit a bed into any vehicle. You can work out the approx. measurements for your bed yourself by simply measuring the roof void at approx. 7cm away from the interior roof. You can measure right up to the rear hatch door. If we have to design a new bed, then this will normally take two days. We can offer you a courtesy car and somewhere to stay the night free-of-charge. Construction and fitting can take place over a weekend.

What are bed extensions and how do they work?

Bed extensions are upholstered platforms that add 10-15cm space on each side. The blackout curtain material is a stretch material and will not interfere with the extensions. The extensions are clipped on to the corners of the bed. When they are not required or during travel, they can be stored underneath the mattress.

How can the vehicle be opened from the inside?

If the vehicle has a rear hatch door, then this cannot be opened from the inside. In order to facilitate this, we drill a small hole into the door panel, so that the lock rods can be operated. This is a voluntary and free-of-charge service.