Sleeping comfortably in a car is a real possibility even in your car. Take a look at some of our modified vehicles and let us convince you with our vast experience. Maybe you will spot your car in amongst them.

Prices to dream of – sleeping in your own vehicle

Car canopy bed

€ 1530,-

Car canopy bed on supports - additional charge
(required for vehicles without cargo net fixings)

€ 250,-
  • stable Multiplex bed base with grey marl covering on the underside
  • 5cm thick special foam mattress
  • pneumatic lifting system, stable support mountings and fixings
  • all-round visibility protection with blackout curtain material
  • complete fitting service
  • folding mechanism


Optional equipment

Fitting a mattress ventilation pad made of genuine GISATEX Dryweave®10. € 80,- 
Bed extension with clip-on mechanism, approx. 15cm each (cost per side piece) € 60,- 
Crank mechanism bed – Bed is lowered and raised up using a crank shaft € 300,- 
Height adjustment – the whole bed can be raised by 13cm (NOTE: only available in connection with the crank mechanism) € 120,- 

Dispatch of complete bed system

  • Dispatch available by prior arrangement only.

Price by arrangement